About Us

Translate Your Training is a podcast for graduate students in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. Our goal is to be a helpful resource for scientists who are interested in careers outside of academia but that may feel intimidated by switching fields. We believe that the training we receive during graduate school, whether it is at the lab bench or away, could translate into valuable skills needed for a diverse range of careers. In this podcast, we will speak to various successful professionals about how their graduate school training prepared them for the work they do today.

Meet the women behind the podcast.

Margaret Burns

Margaret is a Ph.D. student in California studying RNA biology. She is a proud Midwesterner and an avid podcast listener.

Gabriela Goldberg

Gabriela is a PhD student studying brain development using stem cell-derived mini brains. When she is not working in the tissue culture room she likes to go backpacking in the mountains around Southern California, where she currently lives with her boyfriend, rescue pitbull, and pizza-loving cat.